Over the next several editions of of Yantra Sadvipra, we will be including an article in the series ‘The Experience of Spiritual Practice’. In each case the authors will be given a brief to talk about mediation and spiritual practice from the perspective of experience rather than philosophy or belief. This isn’t necessarily just a place to just talk about fantastically Tantric ‘peak’ experiences, but the ordinary times too. All of these are part of the mosaic of spiritual life.

We seldom talk about the actual experience of spiritual practice. Perhaps this is because it seems to fall into the sanctuary of our devotion. These experiences may seem too private to share, and just something between Baba and ourselves. However, developing more collective self-reflection about tantric experience may help us to develop deeper mastery in our practice.

It may also be that by approaching Pracar through the perspective of the experience of spiritual practice, rather than belief or philosophy, that our message will be heard far more widely and deeply.

This series of articles is intended to be a place where each author can and write about their experience of discovering and practicing Tantra, and what that means to them on a lived human level.

Dada Jitendrananda Part 01: The experience of meditation by Dada Jiitendrananda
opposites-nature Part 02: Of oxymorons and bliss. An attempt to capture the ineffable.



Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the official views, policy or position of Ananda Marga.


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