Part of the intention for this magazine is to encourage the type of unity and community within Ananda Marga that can encompasses our organisations multi-dimensional nature. With this in mind, we expect and encourage debate and discussion from a range of perspectives and ideas.

In order to facilitate a richer more inclusive culture of ideas in a positive and constructive way, the following guidelines has been laid out for any content contributed to this magazine.

  • All content whether written or multi-media should follow the basic tenets of Yama and Niyama and should aspire to the ideals of NeoHumanism and the oneness of human society.

  • Articles and other contributions to the magazine should have a clear positive intention. Authors should be able to articulate clearly a positive contribution to the culture of Ananda Marga.

  • Content should be guided by Ahimsa with all content created with clear non-harming intentions. Where ideas are addressed and discussed from a range of perspectives, authors should direct their positive critique towards ideas, not people. Articles and multi media content in this magazine are not a place for any level of personal attack.

  • Authors and creators of content for this magazine should also follow the principle of Satya. The creation of content should be guided by the principle of benevolent truthfulness.

  • As an over arching guideline, the creation of content for this magazine should be guided by the ideals of NeoHumanism, and the notion of Ek Mana Samaj- One human society. This involves the principles of unity within diversity, and of building a culture of inclusivity rather than exclusivity. Within our organisation and community, Margiis naturally come from many different sub cultures, with different socio-sentiments and geo-sentiments. However the intention of the magazine if to provide for a sense of oneness and unity, within this psychic, social and cultural diversity that Ananda Marga represents.