Have your say

Yantra Sadvipra has a strong agenda of inclusion and communication. We seek to represent a diverse range of perspectives, reflecting the multi dimensional nature of Ananda Marga. We want you, the Margiis and the readers to feel a sense of ownership of this magazine. We want it to be a conduit for your voice and we want the magazine to address issues and perspective which you feel are important within Ananda Marga at this time, especially on topics which for what ever reason are rarely addressed within the current culture of the organization.

To this end, we encourage you, the reader, to send content for inclusion in Yantra. This could be written articles addressing important issues that face us at this time. It could be audio or visual content, music, or video, which you have created abd that address or furthers Baba’s mission in creative ways.

You may also want to reply to and comment on articles which you have read, either to disagree, agree, or provide your own perspective. We also encourage and seek your feedback on this magazine itself. What would you like more of? What would you like less of?

All communication can be directed to the editorial board, by emailing us directly at mail@yantra.sadvipras.org. Additionally, feedback and responses to articles can also be done through the comment section at the bottom of each article.

If you feel that a magazine of this sort could be powerful and useful to our organizational culture at this time, please take the time to give us feedback and contribute!

Editorial Board.