Yantra Sadvipra is an online magazine that is designed to give all Margiis a voice to share spiritual inspiration and examine the many aspects of life as a Tantrika and a Margii in the 21st Century.

We have an agenda of inclusion and diversity and actively seek to provide content that reflects the multi dimensional nature of our spiritual community.

Our ideal is to have a rotating editorial board that reflects an equal balance of Margiis and WTs, as well as a balance between men and women, and with equal sensitivity to the divided AMPS administrations post the court case.

Currently however, this has not been possible. At present the editorial board currently consists of one female and one male Margiis (Gayatrii –Wellington, Kaelasha-Melbourne). In the future we hope to formalise a rotating editorial board, that has balance between Margiis and WTs, as well as reflects the diversity of Margiis and WTs across the sector.

Editorial decisions about content and inclusion are made collectively, and decisions are based on Yama and Nyama, as laid out in our guidelines.

me-linkdin-bw kaelasha
Gayatri Fernando Kaelasha Tyler

We seek participation. If you would like to be on the editorial board and help in the facilitation of dialogue through Yantra, you would be welcome!

Please contact us at mail@yantra.sadvipras.org