How might we explain the actual experience of meditation when it’s a practice meant to usher us from the physical, into the mystical?  On the one hand, try and explain beauty in terms of dynamism of flow, spontaneity and subjectivity, on the other, in terms of its clarity through precision, structure and detachment?

This piece approaches such an attempt through the perspective of capturing streams of consciousness expressed through poetry.


Remember, focus, think and feel.
Imagine or re-imagine memories or thoughts
of the most amazing, most wonderful, indescribable,
most peaceful, yet fully alive
inevitably permeating, consuming, explosive, intense, yet
is the most serene, lightest, subtlest, ecstatic, dynamic–

snapshot of a fleeting moment of an indescribable wondrous experience.

Remember the stillness.

Whether inspired by a most serene picturesque natural beauty of a landscape,
or from the deep love for a parent, child, sibling, lover,
to the joy of learning, or in nurturing a hobby,
to the wonder of discoveries, greatness of inventions,
the rapture of an emotionally moving song, or beautiful pieces of art.

Moments where words can only be
like the oil colors to enliven a beautiful infinite picture
already conscious and alive by itself.
Like painstakingly minuscule drops of ice
on the surface or tip of an enormous, moving, growing and vibrating iceberg
of emotions thoughts, beings, spirits and energies
beneath the infinity that it tries to capture and convey.

Stay there in those chosen serene, peaceful moments.

Revel, swim, and immerse.
Float in the stillness that’s ever peaceful, ever still, yet ever expanding,
let it lovingly, softly, humbly defeat the limits of our minds in its glory.

Like a universal parent to its child,
introducing universes of wonder and beauty or the unknown–

your own thoughts for the day,
every little heavy and dark thought, or memory
that kept you feeling small, bound, in fear, or unable to accept,

feelings of worry, anger, guilt, or embarrassment,
from the littleness or grandness of your pride,
to your deep, long held emotions,

to the mysteries of life and the universe, or
the hardest questions you ever had and wanted to throw at life,

uncovering and peeling off of your consciousness,
as if a living entity given air to breathe,
yearning its freedom,

let it sink into an invisible ocean of lightness.
As you witness and sense those heavy thoughts and feelings,
you are cradled, by a feeling of peace;
so you lovingly and gently discard them away.

Little by little, bit by bit,
you begin to realize the heavy thoughts and feelings were not yourself,
feeling lighter and lighter, deeper in peace as a result.

As if now naked, left with self and soul, unashamed
you find yourself becoming increasingly more aware
of every cell, every iota of energy that you are.

You free fall, disperse and expand,
invisible waves of energy and lightness flow through you as you journey along
moving deeper and deeper into an abyss of stillness.

Lost in a sense of a perfectly still but overwhelming harmony.
Your consciousness, like notes in blissful synchrony
within the grandest, silent, most peaceful universal orchestra of harmonies.

Rhythms ever expanding, separating, fusing
formless, colorless vibrations resonate through galaxies;
each, infinitely, dynamically, being and becoming beyond comprehension, and yet

it feels as still, as tiny, as little, as gentle as a pervading calmness,
tender and soft-hearted as that witnessing entity in ourselves.

That same stillness and consciousness in everything, living and non-living,
embraced us as it’s watched us conjure pain and pleasure while entranced by our egos,
which needed this, that, should’ve-this, wanted-that,
caused chain actions and reactions that build, react or dissolve.
It has been quietly comforting us as our unconscious selves
resisted and struggled away against the unfathomable universal symphony.

Distracted; but were never really too far away
as we’re all nestled peacefully from within
the always still, always knowing, tranquil,
always witnessing, loving, accepting, ineffable,
greatness and blissful harmony, subtly obvious within.

Remember this connection.
This place.
Yearn and channel your desire for this stillness.
Cultivate a positive addiction to this conscious presence.

Immerse, dissolve and expand this universe within,
Discover, explore, experience,
Sink, and soak
into never ending, changing, yet still realms,
of darkness, lightness, peace and love, and bliss.


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