Welcome to Yantra Sadvipra, an online magazine for all Margiis and Whole Time workers. The intention of Yantra Sadvipra is to lift the level of collective consciousness within Ananda Marga, about who we truly are and the many real cultural, organizational and spiritual issues that face Margiis at the dawn of the 21st Century.

Yantra Sadvipra is a platform for articles and content that may examine a range of issues you feel are spiritually, culturally and organizationally important at this time. For example, articles could address the experience of various subcultures and minority groups within our broader Organisational culture. Other topics may include for example, the constructive and destructive potential of Ideology within Ananda Marga or differing interpretations of Tantra within a 21st century context. In short, any topic which you feel is relevant and important to Margiis at this time, has a place here, provided the content follows these basic guidelines based in Yama and Nyama.

To be a tantrika on the planet at this time is a unique journey to which each of us brings our own perspectives and gifts. To this end, we welcome and actively seek articles and content from a range of perspectives- from youth and age, women, men, Margiis, Workers, from new people as well as long time Margiis. Yantra has a strong agenda of inclusion and communication and we seek to represent a diverse range of perspectives, reflecting the multi dimensional nature of Ananda Marga.

While publishing from Suva Sector, Yantra Sadvipra is a global project. We seek readership and contrition from across all Sectors. Yantra Sadvipra does not belong exclusively to either administration within Suva Sector. The reason for this is because it is unclear to us how having two administrations fits within Baba’s ideology. Baba extoled us to maintain our unity, and even wrote that our unity is one of the three treasures of Ananda Marga. This being the case, the political divisions in various Sectors puts many Margiis and WTs in a difficult situation if they wish to move forward collectively as Baba encouraged us to. Regarding this project, we seek simply to move forward positively with all Margiis and Wts who are doing Baba’s work.

Ananda Marga is not a psychic monoculture but is a vibrant diversity of perspectives. In order for our organization to remain a vibrant culture capable of change and renewal, it needs to continue to find creative ways to incorporate differing perspectives. We hope that Yantra Sadvipra will be a forum for us to  debate and consider our own beliefs and cultural ways of being. It will be a place where we hold ourselves and our organization accountable  to the inspiring and profound ideology which Baba gave us.

It is our hope that Yantra Sadvipra as a project fills you with enthusiasm and inspiration as it does to us.  We look forward to your feedback and contribution in submitting articles for upcomgin issues!

Please send your own articles and feedback to us at mail@yantra.sadvipras.org.

Yantra Sadvipra is yours.

Kaelasha & Gayatri
Editorial board.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the official views, policy or position of Ananda Marga.


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