To Do


# Description Owner Date due Status Update/s from task owner Comments
 1  Setup pranam website Gayatri  7 Dec 15 Open 21Nov: waiting on decision re. domain name to use (shall we use this instead and i can make a new workspace?) and information architecture.
2 Decide on responsive, buddypress friendly template Kaelasha  30 Nov 15 Open G_21Nov: looks like we’re better off buying one. the more modern and free template i used for the AM NZ site had changed and the features for the free version had become restricted 🙁

now the AM NZ homepage is different and it lost the ‘parallax’ feature 🙁 just that we can’t risk themes changing and breaking the layout when they automatically get updated..

otherwise we have to choose a simple free version that won’t be dependent on people who want to profit from it

3  Collect articles for first edition and share with the team  Kaelasha  12 Dec 15  Open
4  Write article on experiential side of meditation and collect news  Dada 12 Dec 15  Open
5 Decide on domain name to use All  12 Dec 15  Open G_21Nov: If not using this decision needs to happen soon so I can setup and prepare the website properly..
6  Finalise information architecture / sitemap Kaelasha  30 Nov 15 Open
7  setup shared folder  Gayatri    Closed  created this workspace website instead